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Thread: Which is best image editing software available for Mac

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    Which is best image editing software available for Mac

    I am a Mac user and love to do photography. I need a good image editing software with good tools for editing. There are many such software available and so I am not able to decide that which one to select. I need some suggestion from people over here. If you have any recommendation for me then please post with its details. Thank you.

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    Whenever it comes to photo editing software then everyone start thinking of Photoshop but not everyone can afford it. So I would rather recommend you to use Pixelmator. It comes with almost all the tools and utilities that you require for editing of any image and will cost you very less as compared to photoshop.

    Here is the list of features that it supports.

    • Layer-based workflow for flexible adjustments
    • Several image adjustment tools
    • Layer styles save time when creating common effects
    • Comes with robust set of filters for image alteration and manipulation
    • Supports importing and exporting many popular image formats
    • healing brush to remove unwanted blemishes and objects in photos
    • Filters for quick image enhancements, color changes
    • Share photos directly from Pixelmator via email and to popular social networks
    • Works with existing Photoshop documents
    • Support tags, multiple displays, and App Napp
    • Excellent brushes and painting tools
    • More than 160 awesome effects
    • Open and save in PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF
    • Automatic iCloud syncing across all your Macs

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    Pixelmator is one of the best photo editing software but if you want to have more alternatives to select from then you can check for these editing software as well.

    • Adobe Photoshop ($19 per month)
    • GIMP (Free)
    • Seashore (Free)
    • LiveQuartz ($2)
    • Pixen (Free)

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